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APDT Body of Knowledge

APDT’s Recommended Body of Knowledge

After several years of exhaustive data analysis and research, assessment of feedback from you our members, and with the guidance and advice of veteran and skilled professionals within our industry, the APDT has identified six specific subject areas that make up a well-rounded dog training or behavior professional. This is the APDT Body of Knowledge, or BOK. You will see it referenced throughout APDT’s educational offerings.

The BOK is not intended to be all-inclusive, but rather it is intended as the “baseline” minimum standard that all trainers should strive toward to be effective, successful and well-rounded professionals. The BOK is intended as a description of the body of knowledge that any practicing professional dog trainer should have.

The APDT encourages all trainers and aspiring trainers to pursue continuing education throughout their careers. Whether you are brand new to the field, or a veteran professional, there is always new ideas and concepts in our industry and something to learn. Of course, we all have our favorite topics and approaches and presenters. However, we urge you to pursue education in all six subject areas.

Download the APDT Body of Knowledge