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Cats are the number one pets in the US. In fact, about 86.4 million cats are owned as compared to about 78.2 dogs (according to an American Pet Products Manufacturers Association study). As pet professionals know, many homes have both species living together, which makes it especially important for dog training professionals to have well-rounded basic knowledge of cats and cat behavior.

The APDT is working hard to provide well-rounded education for dog trainers, and also support the cat owning public.

Introducing New Cat to Resident Cat

Jacqueline Munera
They saying goes "Cats are like chips. You can't have just one!" So, for those who have a cat or cats and are thinking of adding another, learn how to set your felines up for success. Not all cats immediately like each other, so this quick tutorial will walk you through the process of kitty introductions.

Introducing New Cat to Resident Dog

Jacqueline Munera
For families with dogs that are thinking of bringing home a new cat, this brief eLearning event is a "must see." Set your family up for success by doing it right – learn how to introduce a cat to your dog.

Introducing New Dog to Resident Cat

Jacqueline Munera
In this short presentation, learn how to properly mix canine and feline pets into a single household, hear tricks of the trade, and understand how each pet perceives the other. By properly introducing as early as possible, chances of success for long-term canine-feline households are much more likely.

It Takes Two: Successful Cat and Dog Interactions

Jacqueline Munera
Millions of cat and dogs in America live together in varying degrees of harmony. Many pet owners have both cats and dogs but are not aware of what each species needs in order to peaceably coexist with the other. This presentation will review some of the most common problem situations that occur in cat and dog households, and why these problems occur. The presentation will also cover how to set up the environment and some specific techniques that can be used to increase positive associations between individuals of both species.

Litter Box and Scratching

Katenna Jones
Is your cat peeing on your carpets? Shredding your furniture? This webinar will walk cat owners through the frustrating process of dealing with these two most common feline behavior problems. Learn about why these problem behaviors occur and easy to implement tips for resolving them. Step by step, user friendly advice will be provided to help you address most litter box and destructive scratching concerns.


APDT Chronicle of the Dog

Chronicile of the Dog

The quarterly APDT Chronicle of the Dog keeps APDT members abreast of contemporary pet dog training techniques and provides a lively forum for discussion of dog training and behavior issues.

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