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Dog Bite Prevention

One of the best ways to help with dog bite prevention is proper socialization and training of puppies and dogs. Some other resources are listed below:

eLearning Courses

Dog Safety: What to Teach Your Kids – Joan Orr

This webinar will teach parents what they need to teach their kids about begin safe around dogs. This will focus on being a dog detective and learning to read dog body language to get clues about what a dog might be thinking. We will talk about the key body language signs that let us know whether the dog is happy or is not in the mood to interact with children. We will talk about how to Be a Tree and stand still if a dog is threatening or bothering a child, and how to meet a dog safely.

The Inclusion of Family Dogs for Success: Building Dog-Child Bonds – Jennifer Shryock, B.A., CDBC

In recognition of May's Dog Bite Prevention Month, as well as Dog Bite Prevention Week (May 20-26, 2012), APDT is pleased to bring you a free webinar that will teach you about the importance of teaching children to be safe around dogs, understanding you dog's body language, and how to build strong and health relationships between kids and dogs. Learn about grumble and growl zones, common mistakes, hazardous situations, and more as well as tips for keeping the entire family happy and safe.

Setting Dog and Baby Up for Success – Jennifer Shryock, B.A., CDBC

Dog and baby dynamics under one roof can be a challenge for parents. Join us to discuss some ways to help increase safety and decrease stress while you manage your dog and baby. Practical tips from a certified dog behavior consultant and Mother of four 2 legged and 4 legged kids.


APDT Chronicle of the Dog

Chronicile of the Dog

The quarterly APDT Chronicle of the Dog keeps APDT members abreast of contemporary pet dog training techniques and provides a lively forum for discussion of dog training and behavior issues.

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